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Argex Titanium Inc T.RGX

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Primary Symbol: ARGEF

Argex Titanium Inc acquires, develops, explores and evaluates mineral properties in Canada. Its properties include The La Blache Property, The Mouchalagane Property and The Lac Brule Property.
Price: $0.91 | Change: $-0.01 | % Change: -1.09%
Volume: 142,486 | Day High/Low: 0.92/0.88 | 52 Week High/Low: 1.20/0.56

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RE:RE:This is the cusp

WTF? Thanks for the disclaimer you ego maniac If we could get a posting of the next NR from Dave2006 all would be well  rate and reply
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RE:This is the cusp

I was in last year and made out well, it looks like things are building again so I may have to revisit this stroy. * Always conduct your own due diligence when investing and protect your money. I...read more
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Pretty Flipping funny

Maybe 14 days ago they did a presentation to as planned from the get go raise as much capital as possible without dilution 14 DAYS AGO THEY PRESENTED TO POTENTIAL INVESTORS IN VANCOUVER - DD to...read more
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This is the cusp

Either way this is the cusp of the next stage of RGX Economically it makes sense .... game changer in the industry  rate and reply
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In for a dime in for a dollar

Added just now :  )  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:It's so quiet in here

Quality is something you should always hold onto, as long as fundamentals remain the same. Possibly trade once and a while, but the big money is made by taking a healthy position and holding long...read more
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we're at the post...

waiting for the starter's gun...nerves are expected but try not to let them get the best of you...none of the other horses in this race can compete...RGX has the unfair competitive advantage as Chris...read more
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Closed Good Friday , not Monday : )  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:It's so quiet in here

I wouldn't worry about it getting done . It is simply that they wanted as they stated so often to avoid dilution and as shark deterant .... wait for it ..... little buddy will come along and start...read more
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Only two trading days left is week, it being  Holy Week...Easter wekend, Easter Monday a holiday...guess we may have to wait till next  tuesday for possible news!!! Happy Easter All!!!  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:It's so quiet in here

Too quite. Foe the first time in 2+ yrs., I'm somewhat aprehensive about this investment. The fundamentals haven't changed but...  rate and reply
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RE:RE:It's so quiet in here

Yea even my chronic posting asssssss is like whats the point , hell even Bat gave up something anything  rate and reply
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MD&A re. Valleyfield lease

pg. 36 (b) Argex signed a Memorandum of Understanding ( the “MOU”) to lease premises for the R&D lab  in Valleyfield. The MOU will be replaced with a formal lease agreement and as at December 31,...read more
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RE:It's so quiet in here

That's because the time for talking is long past. It's time for action now. We can only regurgitate the same things so many times.  rate and reply
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It's so quiet in here

I can hear the ant fart.  rate and reply
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RE:Argex article

It is pretty crazy to think how huge RGX could become if they are calling $3.10 on 50k how high would 250k get us like Nap pointed out Glen in March at the Roth conf said that is where we are going  rate and reply
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Argex article

Just a reminder of why it's a good idea to buy and hold your RGX shares. http://www.discoveryinvesting.com/blog/2014/4/9/argex-titanium-a-disruptive-technology-positions-argex-for-success  rate and reply
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Cantor Fitzgerald tidbit...

5 year historical TiO2 price average $3,047 per ton, or ~ 10% below current spot price. Based on base case model RGX NPV remains positive down  to $2,090 per ton. This statement could have a...read more
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Can almost feel the pressure

This has been a great play and as expected I think it is about to get much better  rate and reply
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read the whole article and see his TiO2 market, future prices and Conclusions HAPPY READING!!!!  rate and reply