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Argex Titanium Inc T.RGX

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Primary Symbol: ARGEF

Argex Titanium Inc acquires, develops, explores and evaluates mineral properties in Canada. Its properties include The La Blache Property, The Mouchalagane Property and The Lac Brule Property.
Price: $0.86 | Change: $-0.03 | % Change: -3.37%
Volume: 189,150 | Day High/Low: 0.89/0.86 | 52 Week High/Low: 1.20/0.56

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RE:what you smell

No if you had listened and done the "whole30" you would realize gas is not natural it is eating food not meant for human consumption that gives you gas Every single trade that has been a success...read more
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what you smell

is the gas you are passing, prob  rate and reply
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Some ammo for the chumps

I can almost smell it , I can feel it on a cellular level You know when you just know its right This is gonna happen VERY VERY VERY soon  rate and reply
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RE:Healthy Retracement

Short term moves are anyone's guess and you can see the frustration of some of the traders when the price doesn't cooperate with their trade timeline.  Rakenot's strategy is only too obvious and is...read more
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Healthy Retracement

I think, aside from the bullboard tactics of traders like rakenot, the current retracement is quite healthy and should boost the bullish move to come. 50 day ma is at $0.84 and it may or may not...read more
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RE:RE:for the record

The wondering is what gets us in trouble ...... ha ha good point  rate and reply
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RE:for the record

that's a relief Bat...and for the record in your case I'm just calling a spade a spade...if you are going to post like a troll then you will get treated like a troll...Cheers, Nap  rate and reply
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for the record

not suspended as i have done nothing wrong. i am waiting patiently for financing. i have been taking all my medications so much calmer now. this has been a stressfull trade for me and i will be happy...read more
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New CFO : )

A company that hires people qualified for the next stage is incredible http://wsw.com/webcast/roth28/register.aspx?conf=roth28&page=rgx.to&url=http%3A//wsw.com/webcast/roth28/rgx.to/  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Credibility = RGX Signing Contract with PPG

Good trade buddy , Grow up and find another  rate and reply
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Alterior motive?

So what is it Rakenot I do believe you are egocentric enough to think you will alter the outcome ... so a short ? Too risky unless you are a moron .... You just sound dumb and desperate with...read more
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RE:RE:Credibility = RGX Signing Contract with PPG

guess who wrote this...one guess...his first post...guess someone sold their position....Cheers, Nap Thank you naysayers Now that I have built up a sizeable position I will join the discussion...read more
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RE:Credibility = RGX Signing Contract with PPG

And PPG just reported record earnings without a single ounce of TiO2 from Argex. So if the deal with Argex doesn't come to fruition I don't think PPG will be on the losing end. And speaking of that...read more
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Credibility = RGX Signing Contract with PPG

Argex's credibility will just keep growing rakenot. Just because they haven't concluded their financing does not mean they have no credibility, it just means they will get more once it's completed...read more
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go back to one of Rakenot's original posts....

first thing he said he did was to place the board's (2) biggest pumpers and bashers on ignore...where does that place Rakenot now?  Cheers, Nap P.S. as for the Batsh!t I was thinking that troll was...read more
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What do you do?

If you exit a position do you 1- post over and over like you have been wronged 2- put your energy to finding the next position you take I heard a lady the other day ordering a coffee 2 cream 3 sugar ...read more
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RE:RE:Financing Proves Credibility not Scalability

Little pudding baby why not put your energy on finding your next trade rather than posting over and over again like someone who has been wronged Nothing changed here, nobody wronged you  rate and reply
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RE:Financing Proves Credibility not Scalability

I think he actually thought he was being wise when he asked me the ?  rate and reply
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RE:Financing Proves Credibility not Scalability

So no credibility = no financing? Thank you for clarifying that. I guess that explains what's going on.  rate and reply
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Financing Proves Credibility not Scalability

Now if the entities that get involved have enough faith to participate in whatever funding is negotiated, then that should be more than enough to support the share price until scalability blows it...read more