.....perhaps on Pender Street, or wherever the boiler room is located....when I came here to report the (heavy) rumor on the street about this unworthy dog being in the take-over process and one of Canada's big banks (CIBC) was putting the final touches on the deal.

Must have scared someone so badly they robo-posted over me. Made me laugh. But when they had my post *removed* about CIBC handing the RDK takeover at what....$2.00 a share, now that piqued my curiousity.  And why would that be?  And having my post removed *could* indicate that...no, dear hearts there is no takeover coming, but the boiler room's whisper campaign is using that as a standard ploy to drive up the price. Such a forlorn tactic.

Or....there is a take-over in progress and someone from the bank (extremely doubtful) or someone from the company has been talking out of school.

Should of left my post alone. I posted it and had no intention of a repeat performance. But now, nah...let's see what I can dig up through my network. Should be fun, what?