All the articles refer to inventory being built up because of incentives to do so at LME Warehouses. The article clearly states that incentives not over supply is the reason for key LME warehouses in  Belgium and Malaysia for example, to pay a premium so that copper can be  directed into these warehouses. LEarn about the real issues on Cu demand and supply  by reading both sides of the issue. such as the real issue behind rising inventories which can be guaranteed to ve sold at higher prices when threy do come out from them. Various examples of short to intermediate production stoppages like Bingham Canyon , Utah will make sure of that or the India's largest smelter going off line or strikes in Chile or Barrick's Pascau Lama in threat of completion and start. Those inventories will be drawn down Mr. High and Mighty  and you fail to grasp the reason as to their rise  other than to blanket state its because of China. We're not arguing inventories in the warehouses going up smarty pants, but the real reasons behind it besides mistakes and other reasons for the big boys takinghits of late. "It's not so simple as you make it out to be "Mama Son" so take your simple explanations and put them yo u know where. Callme idiot and moron all you wantr  but I'm not the one who lives in Mississauga loser.

You make this out to be an ever extending long term thing ignoring mines and smelters that have fallen off line and mines that don't have a chance of gong into production now, atleast not for a while so good thing inventories were built up. there will be  no copper glut from an abundance of supply coming onstream Mr "Pot Calling the Kettle Black" Arrogant Basher.  Just read about some nternational events in Mongolia, Chle, Indonesia, Africa  dramatically affecting expected oncoming copper production otherwise you wouldn't have Anglo American, Antofagasta and others looking outside the box of late.

Your simple editorials  are just that ...a reflection from your simple cut and paste mind.  Your opinions are just that "yours" whereas  I choose to post  articles of interest from various sources presenting both sides of the equation vs. your continuous schtick. I hope we meet ina bar you coward but why would I go to your lousy excuse of a town.