After 2 1/2 yrs wow, something more than non sensical from you. Too funny  and so predictable.

Just had to get this removed post back up after posterr calling frank a "boron" got removed maybe suspended. I took the snarly parts out and re-posted it. Anyone beside Frank  feel free. Longdrop? headdoc? Best?. 

1./ "Frank can buy what he likes at full price, I always buy when something, whatever it is, is on sale. Frank would have us now perhaps believe that he always buys at the lowest price and sells at the highest price because he is a brilliant market timer, in fact the best there is."

2./ "Best time to buy an advanced play whatever the  commodity for a specific miner, advanced explorer is when they're price is off, ,be they in copper or corn or whatever. Buy when they're out of favor, and sell when everyone is talking about them as the next best thing since sliced bread. Buying here at $38 to $.45 after a high of .59 doesn't look too bad  right about now so I'll buy and sell to you when bullish articles on what hedge funds are doing re-appear. OK?

3./ Our BASHER Friend Frank, who has a hate-on for Mountaineer and anyone who likes RDK, guess that's me , apparently has never owned tis stock and simply has a lot of time on his hands. He pays full price for cars, cookies, clothes , and cadoodle puffs.  Now ask yourself BASHER Frank why does everyone suddenly hate copper? Gee they've bought and and filled the warehouses and awill hold those stores until prices go up. and they'll buy copper on the cheap at spot until no longer prudent to do so..  Oh so that's how it works!? Golly. 

4./Lastly Frankie, love you discrediting  two  43-101's and amazing these RDK guys never promote themselves and how that makes a few of us out here in Sh land pumpers bets me but you have and area BASHER pure and simple. We just post Cu articles here and you've finally gotten with the program after how long?  These last couple of posts by you are noteworthy in that they're from 3rd party sources albeit you waited to finally post something  only when you could find a negative spin.

After 2 1/2 yrs wow, something more than non sensical jibberish from you. Too funny  and so predictable.