It isn’t just this stock but many others as I have been explaining market parameters on other boards for well over a year. Just look at the proof yourself !


Europe (China’s largest consumer group) is still the main market drag but hopefully it will be solved soon, and when/if it does all markets will benefit and we will see a market trend reversal. Some in Europe are just trying to shelter and feed themselves. All asset classes will be sold including gold and gold stocks to cover margin calls and other losses (said this a hundred times). That is why I say gold will continue to struggle. I wish I was wrong and hopefully Europe debt problems will be solved soon !


My near term analysis of market conditions during this alleged “up” period is overall trading volumes have been down year on year = stock price volatility will be reduced = more stagnation to downward selling (for most) as we head to “sell in May” period and summer doldrums. It matters not what report or drill results will have as there will be a “sell on news” mentality in these ever growing cash is king grab the money and run times.


Even mergers and acquisitions will be muted as many majors have been hit hard (s/p) even though they have mega revenues, dividends. Yes of course “hope and prayer” (buyout) will occur for a few out of the HUNDREDS of companies listed and don’t forget to mention the private firms with assets. Sell in May coming earlier this year (Feb, Mar ,April) but I would like to see the Feb trading stats to confirm this.