Take comfort your not alone. The market trading volumes have been in decline for a while as cautious less risky investments are more safe and attractive. Europe is still in a quagmire and now one of the stalwart Euro countries France is being rumoured to be subject to a debt downgrade. The United States (may be downgraded by summer) although avoiding the cliff will have to address it's debt ceiling as early as February as the bills they will be required to pay has insufficient funds (taxes) and will literally become bankrupt. They hit their legal borrowing limit Dec 31 at $16.394 TRILLION. They need to address their spending seriously like the rest of us with a budget. For example

On Feb. 15, for instance, Treasury will take in an estimated $9 billion in revenue but is committed to pay out $52 billion. The bills due that day include $30 billion in interest on the debt; $6.8 billion in IRS refunds; $3.5 billion in federal salaries and benefits; $2.7 billion in military active pay; $2.3 billion in Medicare and Medicaid payments; $1.5 billion to defense vendors; $1.1 billion in safety net spending, including for food stamps and unemployment benefits; and $4.4 billion in other spending. On March 1, Treasury will take in an estimated $20 billion in revenue. But that won't be enough to cover the $25 billion in Social Security payments due that day, let alone the $58 billion in other bills. (Took these figures from a report).

It would be like maxing out your credit and the card/credit company would keep increasing your credit limit. The payments out strip your revenue and eventually you are so far deep you have to declare bankruptcy or go into hiding and forfeit everything, or worse. The U.S can’t go into hiding. So with the uncertainty of the markets even during this “up” seasonal period investors are selling down all assets including gold while just trying to cover other losses and margin calls. I have been telling you this for a year or so. Markets are shivering and we are heading toward the summer sell off now.

It really doesn’t matter what a tech report here or anywhere else has and that goes for drill results as well. Those days are currently over until Europe is finally solved. They will still require mega funds or “hope and prayer” when major producers are even in stock price contraction. I have been explaining this on these boards for a year or so. Sure there will be “hope and prayer” for a few companies out there among the HUNDREDS. Look for companies with a positive revenue stream and if the Euro troubles continue many will disappear. If you get a blip in yours stocks where ever they are TAKE PROFIT.