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Response Biomedical Corp T.RBM

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Medical Devices
Alternate Symbol(s): RPBIF

Response Biomedical Corp is engaged in the research, development, commercialization and distribution of diagnostic technologies for the medical central-lab testing, point of care (POC) testing and on-site environmental testing markets.
Price: $1.49 | Change: +$0.06 | % Change: +4.20%
Volume: 2,515 | Day High/Low: 1.49/1.37 | 52 Week High/Low: 4.12/1.26

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RE:RE:Hello Everybody

Hey, Radar.........I do remember you from the old days, when the dream was alive and there was lots of chatter on this board. Nice to see some of the other oldtimers pop up every once in awhile...read more
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RE:Hello Everybody

Likewise I haven't checked this board for many months. I was in this so long ago that my statement from the brokerage records my "Average Cost" after all the rollbacks as being $224.50 per share...read more
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Hello Everybody

Wow!!! What a surprise. RBM is still around!! But alas not much has changed. Been gone for awhile but something started stinking from my computer...and it brought me back here. Ha Ha... I forgot my...read more
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conference call

Just listened to the conference call, It was mostly positive, lots of good things happening. New distributors coming and likelihood of sales growth over the year, perhaps slow 1st but building toward...read more
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Year-end results... management discussion on China

I have to say that I like this... (cut and paste from today's year-end results release) because I was worried that Response had blown-it with their key China market: Soon after obtaining our...read more
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RE:Trouble with distributor in China

I have said the exact same thing years ago. China is a protectionist with a huge appetite and don't like partners. The only law they recognize in the free trade world is, what they bring to the table....read more
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Trouble with distributor in China

This could affect sales for several quarters. China is the biggest market at present. US and EU markets need to be developed. China can be a very difficult place to do business.  rate and reply
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RE:re: 10 years ago

I have been around here almost forever, remember something called White Counts?  Had no idea that it could take this long to get to start-up.  When I look around at the biotechs, a lot have done...read more
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re: 10 years ago

Yes, I remember them all...been holding this stock longer than that,  PLI as well. Still holding PLI and it is starting to show signs of life.  Hurting20 was such a fan too. Merry Christmas to all...read more
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10 years ago

Hello everyone.  Does anyone here remember RBMLONG, NoLeafClover, LostItAllin99, Advaita, Oldduffer, Privatecop, Wyeth, Hurting20, Radvak, Shionogi, Biosite, PSA test, EEE, WestNile Virus tests...read more
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Financial Times Peer Review of RBM

See my post here for details: http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/v.zmd/zoommed-inc?postid=22010883  rate and reply
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RE:Insider Buying:

It does seem over the last few days there is some buying interest. Maybe no only insiders. I expect there to be better days ahead. Insiders usually don't buy for short term flips so it may take time...read more
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Insider Buying:

Filing Date Transaction Date Insider Name Ownership Type Securities Nature of transaction # or value acquired or disposed of Price Dec 5/13 Dec 4/13 Purvin, Jeffrey Leon Direct Ownership ...read more
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Canaccord Presentation:

http://wsw.com/webcast/canaccord12/rbm.to/ The risks to getting to the end goal are now smaller than ever. The company has a superior tests. The company now has respectable margins(1& in Q1 2010, vs....read more
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RE:no fireworks

There is no reason to think the share price should improve.  Trading volume over the last few days says that there is some interest, but I think it is all speculative until we see building revenue...read more
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RE:no fireworks

You have been following these guys fora longtime.  Haven't you figured them out.  I cut my losses long time ago.  can't do more reverse splits as no more shares to split. Never accomplished what they...read more
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no fireworks

The stock seems tobe drifting with all that good news.....?  rate and reply
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Closing the gap?

The stock fell from $3 recently on the issues with the distributors in China but now RBM controls its own license to sell the product and has two new distributors. The company has also hired a new...read more
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China Distributors

Two new distributors in China, giving coverage in all areas of China. This is great news. These new distribution agreements follow the approval of Response's RAMP(R) branded cardiovascular Point of...read more
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RE:RE:Expected results

I think it is to expected that distributors in China have acted the way they have, will they get over it? We don't know what prospects Response has to work with other distributors, but if there are...read more