Wow. Not easy to speculate, but the Credit S. trader(s) should have made some private deals before dumping millions of shares, at least if they had wanted to limit their losses. But, it's not their own money they are throwing away. Would CS traders really have been stupid enough to put in a limit sell at .68, seeing what the market looked like moments before the close, or did they have insider bad info? Doubt the latter, as, if so, the trade is far too obvious. Should have had a bid in at .68. Feel badly for those who were involved in normal trading during regular hours. The real explanation: quadruple witching day, and settling accounts. Have seen it before with R and it will rebound most of the loss on the open Monday. See what happened, for example, to PRU at the close or, more interestingly, how BTO lost .17 to close down at 3.33 with these CS idiots dumping their positions. Don't sweat it. IMHO. Have a great weekend. WKH