Project Schedule from Haile (EIS) site

Project Schedule

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is actively working on the Haile Gold Mine Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and progress is being made on the environmental review and documentation of numerous topics. As you are aware, the USACE posted a schedule at the beginning of this process that indicated that the Draft EIS would be available on December 14, 2012. Our prediction was based solely on the limited information available to us at that time. However, it is very common during the EIS process to identify the need for additional information and analyses that will fully and accurately assess the impacts of the project, especially issues central to the environmental review and public concerns. In fact, the USACE has made over 300 requests for additional information to date and the applicant has recently revised the project. This data collection process, along with the necessity of accurately characterizing the potential effects of mining on surface and groundwater resources, has led to the need for a revised schedule. The USACE is committed to making the most accurate scientific analysis available so that informed public input and comment are possible. All aspects of the information required for the EIS are being developed with the full cooperation of Haile Gold Mine, Inc., and the Cooperating Agencies (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Catawba Indian Nation, and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control). When the USACE determines that all informational needs have been sufficiently fulfilled to allow for an updated EIS schedule, a revised schedule will be posted on this web page at that time.

It remains the intent of the USACE to periodically update the public, and the Kershaw community in particular, on the progress of the EIS. The USACE still plans to hold a community meeting to present to the public:
•A discussion of the proposed project focused on the mining activities and the range of potential impacts associated with each activity;
•An opportunity for interactive public discussion about the proposed mine, including questions and responses from the USACE; and
•An update on the progress of the EIS as of the date of the meeting.
No meeting date has been set at this time.