I suspect you were putting more effort into your second paragraph than thought into your first. DD starts by reading properly. The SGY reference was from a couple of posts discussing how they had profited handsomely by moving from PWT to SGY within the past month, and now were moving back to PWT because of the share action, which is now being reinforced by the very significant insider buy.

BTW natural gas may be the fuel of the future, but like water, it may be currently so plentiful as to render it unprofitable. Over the short term there may be a long play if the supply cannot react quickly enough to the cut back in new wells, but for certain it will not last long. Do you really want to be long an effectively landlocked single market commodity with an easy and cheap supply sufficient to meet any and all demand, with no cartel, dominant player, marketing board, or other supply management device other than cash flow starvation of the producers.

Sorry to say but it is the likes of your petty quibbles that cheapen the SH brand. I implore you to resist the urge and spend more time pursuing a positive agenda. You can make constructive content, but it requires sincerity and doesn't work as it didn't here when used just to create a platform for petty nonsense.