Only  Directors   I  voted for  were  Rick  Geoerge, Allan  Markin  and  Jay  Thornton.  All  the rest are  useless  and  have piddly  ownership of shares. Too  many geriatrics  there.  As for  RG  being  too  old,  he's only 5 years older  than   Murray   Numnutz .

RG  ran  SU  when  it  was 50 B market cap. PWT is smaller  , he could do it in his sleep  and its large land base has a nice fit  with some of his technological  ventures he's involved  in.  Murray  will  be pushed   out  soon,   can  you see  RG  even wasting his time listening to him.  RG   made SU  50 times  bigger in market cap.  He  will  hang around for two  years until  PWT  is  back  to  25.  Then  he will  walk  out with  a few hundred  million   in  bonuses for  a job well done.   Murray    lands    up where he belongs  in the recycle bin.