WTI  discount is  small  and natural  gas is awesome.  This is less a story about fundamentals  and more a story of highly orchestrated bear market raids  on a sector.   Does anything REALLY  change THAT  much in a year to werrant amultiple of  100  to  200 percent up or  down? The answer is NO.  Somewhere   in some swanky office tower the powers that  be  ( u  know the tribe ) decide  what sector  they will pump and which ones to dump.  They then  call their media minions at FOX, MSNBC,  Bloomberg,  Barrons,  BNN, CNBC  and  put out  their message.

US  banking sector  had  a big recovery off  the 2009  lows in fact it was TOO  BIG.  So  the    powers that be said  hey we missed out on that  one.  Or   maybe   people will  THINK  we are heading  back  to 2007  so  guess what?  Lets kick  the sh^^  out of them for shi%%  and giggles  and they did.  Then  in 2012  after shorting these back  to new lows  they said    lets    tell the  people how bad it is,     lay on the doom and gloom,  the glut of housing etc,  and then  magically  these stocks  went from  lows in January and    by  year end they      had doubled  .  


  The message I  have been   most successful is being a contrarian.  no one wants you to get rich   or even comfortable. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. In  the ned over along period  of time a value investor will  win because  in  the ned it    holds intrinsic tangible worth   and the manipulation to drive things low is    a game of attrition   because  after  6  to    9 months or a year of two of  media bombardment you cave in.   I    am waiting for the  day of reckoning  when  some    person says Im   going after the  true  TERRORISTS which are  the    hedge fund  manipulators with their   highly wired  media    puppies that  program  fear and greed    knowing that the game is rigged  because people  are TOO  WIRED TO THE MEDIA'S MESSAGE.