Canadian oil stocks are getting  totally waxed. For good reason, Canadian oil stocks don't seem to interest anybody but the short sellers. In some cases, they are making multi-year lows while the stock market is at its all time high. They are in this situation because they are hanging their hat on Keystone rather than building pipelines to their own coastal ports where exports will bring the best prices. Furthermore, the herd believes the U.S. is heading for self-sufficiency, so they feel Canada is shipping oil to the wrong place, inviting low price problems down the road. Chevron, Exxon and other oil stocks are not getting hit at all. Canada is about as out of favor as any investment can get right now. It's been over a year since the perception of these problems started to affect Canadian Oils, and there has been no progress made to address the issues. People are losing patience with this circus and they are walking out making it very easy for short sellers to pile on. For these stocks to recover, there needs to be concrete progress, and a timeline attached to some pipeline projects, preferably to the Pacific and Eastern Canadian coastal deepwater ports.