Big next few days coming up,   after the  last two  pay outs    we had  prolonged downdraft  from  September to       mid March.  Are  we in a  reversal ,  holding pattern,  or  support until   we have another downdraft?  Personally  I  think  we might  be in the  first  year of a long term  bull  run  for  oil.  Patterns tend to  last about 5 years  for the cyclicals.  Solar  has seen alot of decimation.   Although Obama wants to go greener,  lots of risks    for solar  remain.     Hard to  point a finger at the dirty tar sands unless   Obama wants to replace all coal  plants  with natural  gas.   Obama  is  weird,  Keystone could be a  a game changer  for improving bi   partisan  relations  but   Obama has  been cocky   instead of  showing true leadership. 


 Budget was  a joke and offerred no incentives    to get  domestic refineries built here  nor  an  urgent plan for pipelines.   Flaherty   putting alot of Canadian assets  at risk    and Harper  has been a total  poussy.     He completely mishandled  the Chinese  and should be rolling out welcome mat for  more takeovers.  We need to  play hardball  with    the USA  by letting any one buy our assets... for the right price.  Harper never played poker as a  kid , you can tell  by looking at him  hes a fat mama's  boy.