DD   everything  about  PWT  will centre on earnings.  If  theres an earnings surprise,  decent updated reserves  and improvements in   netbacks due to    managing costs better, it could rally. 


I  find Eric nuttall to  obe offensive and a joke. He is a  VERY SHORT TERM  TRADER   and uses his bully pulpit on BNN  to  trump  his picks.   When he says hes a buyer  I am convinced he is a seller and vice versa.  I am of the opinion   he is out of CPG  and  in  PWT  with both hands.   Volume has been thin lately and I  tihnk     he    is trashing  it to load up on it.   If  earnings surprise he will say he  got in on it RIGHT after earnings    . IF HE CAN  KEEP  HIS STORIES STRAIGHT.     If   people thoguht Jean    Chretien talked  out of both sides of his mouth, this guy can talk 100 times out of his orifice. Why ,  because  he simply   is  an  ORIFICE.


   I  am watching this   with great interest.  I  have a small  position  in the stock at break  even and mucho  11 dollar  September calls.  We shall see  in a few days if we tread lower or march   upwards.