There are a few gems out there. I  have long   held positions and touted  PTEN  and  RES,  which are at  52 weke highs.  PD  hada nice run       but its in a holding pattern  right now.  OPWT,  SGY,    FEL, AAV,  NGL,  and a host of others sit in the basement.  


  The early theme this year has been tech  in which returns have been stellar.  I  sold  80  % of my position in Penn West and put it all on ZNGA  and I  have been richly rewarded with that trade,  up almost  40  % in a month  . It will take forever for  PWT  to  get  to a   40  % gain  and sometimes you  have to    get a loss back  by aggressively switching.  I  will   add to  PWT  only after it crosses 14   dollars,  thats it.  It  has been in decline mode for  4  years now  and at 14  it  may signal a long term reversal.  In the meantime  I  would suggest to all  who are under water here  to  unload  and  put it in   ZNGA.  I  see that  moving to 5 dollars before     June for a  40  % gain  and  PWT  in the basement for awhile.