I don't like the Management, all you have to do is look at the stock price verses Crescent Point to know why. Still at this price, this is incredibly cheap given the assets they have. I wouldn't pretend to know where the bottom is, but I am pretty sure short positions are somewhat extended here. We are getting close to earnings and the dividend play window, so we could see a reversal of the downtrend for a while. What happens longer term is an open question. Sadly, nothing looks to happen with the XL P/L under Spring. I see that as holding the possibility of a physcological bottom for Canadian Oils, if one knew that that issue was finally clarified. Unfortunately, with Kerry and Obama detirmining its fate, it is far from a sure thing. So far, the selling pressure seems to continuous and holding sway. If they can break it below $10, after a couple of days we could see some good shortcovering.