But   I take what the market gives me.  I  bought at  10.40  4 times and unloaded  at 10.70.  12  %   for four trades in the last  2 months.  Look at the  RIM chart. RIM  was in a rut from  July to mid October  ,then the run started.   Hedge funds  want to make mince meat out of a stock and will suppress  for a  very long time. They  do what Im doing now,   trading it in a tight range.  if   I  do this  3 or  4 more times I will be at  20  to 25 % return  for a  "stagnant  "  stock.  Dont whine about it . This is how  the game is played.   We know  oil  has  come up ten  dollars off the bottom.  That   will  reflect in  current earnings. It  will also  boost the value  of    reserves. Dont panic,  sit back  and wait, or trade it   if you  feel comfy. I  never panic. As   I  posted on the RIM  board   a stock   goes parabolic  when you least expect  it.  Did any one expect APPL  to tank  30  %   in the last  month  or   to be at a 52 week low   when it was riding high in September.  Yeah  mgmt is terrible but the inventory is worth gold.   We know threee outcomes will happen  before the summer. Nunns kicked   out    if stock  does not rise, Nunns  kicked out  before ,  or    take over    because at  96  WTI  any big American would love to  have the dominant light oil  player in this country.All take overs  and all  "runs  "  come from the bottom.  Thats how  big players maximize their returns. I am doing same trade with AA  . I  buy at  8.90  and dump  at   9.20.  Take  the     3 points    as many times as the range  gives it to  u.