I  bought the stock once it crossed  resitance of 11.50  and doubled  on      my 12 dollar calls. The reason   I  mention  this is    TLM  breaks out two to three weeks before  PWT  if  you  follow the charts.    i  HAVE BEEN WRONG ON SOME BREAK OUT   MOVES OFF THE BOTOM  BEFORE  MANY TIMES.     I   will  now only  go superlong if the stock  breaks 11.50  with   conviction volume.   There are alot of ten percent  break outs  and  then  pullbacks , about 4 so far.  finally one break out has to stick. Its behaving alot like  RIM  which  was in the dumpster for 4  months before it started  its  meteoric rise.  I      still think  RIM   has another double  left in it   before  May.  I  am  holding a small    position  in Penn  West. If  you see  TLM  approach 13  and  PWT cross  11.50  then  I  am going to  go ALL   IN  in a  long position. Last year the rise  went from November to   March before the slide. The market rarely  gives you the  same move twice  or it would be too easy to make money.   This  year when  we were all expecting seasonal strength  we  were treated to a 52 week  low.  Unloved by analysts and     beaten down every turn its exactly  like  RIM.   PWT  has been in the doghouse now  for  4  solid months  at a time when other giants are starting to move.  This will  not last long  but  my  criterion  for  going long is when  TLM approaches  13 and PWT    hits 11.50. I will not jump  on the   first dollar as this  could be a typical ruse.