I think that Pwt has somuch they cant keep track of it. In a previous sale they sold what looksto be Prime Real estate to sto for very little.Bne is taking them out in order to get that property.In one of his presetatations Murray joked about how close they came to selling waskada because they didnt know what they had.Everywhere I look old pwt management and employees are popping up in new companys.In the most recent sale rpl bought a lot of what we think is boaring low decline base pwt production.Rpl has said that a lot of their personal have experience with the land bought. must be ex pwt,and  I would add  probably  havea lot of insight into its true potential.I felll in love with pwt asset potential and got my head handed to me as a shareholder.Bought rpl on dec 23 and am already doing well.glta