Dividend time( which u  usually look forward to) is like an enema in progress   with  PWT  u   just dont know when the  big terd will  dump  but u  know it will.   The simple solution would be to  pay a monthly dividend , again  too simple a solution  for too   a management team  that  is by  far the dumbest    I  have ever encountered,

   Murray Nunns is the CEO  alright  but   he  behaves  like a Chief Excrement Officer.  I  said it before and I  will say it again .   I  beleive  John Brussa is  on the take     because no   other  Board Chairman  wouls  stick  by such a useless  CEO  and  for the other Board  Members to not   force Brussa to resign  shows how ineffectual  EVERY   ONE  is.