Like after the  Septemberdividend  it crashed  40    %,  now  its crashed  15  % off the  intra day  high of last week.  Easy telegraph  why it fell.  If   you called  IR  last week  they said office was  closed all  this week.  Nervous  investors,  fiscal  cliff,  tax loss  selling   AND  .....  no  one to man the    phone and reassure investors,  a  classic  blunder but with this pos  what elese is new.  Hedge funds  know this and  on thin  volume  they take this  to a  quarter above a  52 week  low.  Hedge funds know  this is undervalued  but  Penn West  maanagement  is   overvalued.  Nunns and Brussa should be executed,  any other  punishment  is not sufficient.

To    go on vacation at  the  most sensitive time of the year,  when the stock  was close to breaking 12   shows how   truly asinine  this   management team  is.