He  was the one that cemented the relationships with Asia  in the first place.  Murray was not given the boot  because   Bill  Andrews   is  still on the  Board.   He took  Penn West  from  500 barrels to 165 000  BOE.  He is a  key figure in the  " behind the scenes  "   negotiations  that will result in the take over.    John    Brussa   is there for  the tax expertise.


Petronas  had  an interest in Progress  before  the 86  % premium deal  was announced. This deal  will  be at least 100   to 110   %   because thats the margin required   that  will  be needed to take out  the dominant player in    four of the five biggest   light oil plays in Canada.  So  again  I  ask  you  why are the analysts killing the stock?  SIMPLE,  they are loading it  as much as they  can.  The difference  in the  50  dma and the200 dma   is only about  1.80.    It will break  12  , then 14  in a week. There is a deal  coming people.

How soon was  the Nexen deal announced after  Progress,  maybe two weeks.  Acquiring  parties are not looking for the best execution per se, they are looking for  VALUE  and  LONG LIFE  RESERVES.   Notice how   all the analysts are poo poohing the  payout ratio of Penn   West  and are   having a   love in with Crescent Point.  Crescent Points pay out  ratio is even   more    unsustainable.  Its relying on    its paper to buy  growth  but   its about to  drop too.  Once its paper drops it wont have the firepower to   buy  any more  and   its reserves are no where near as long  lasting.

  I  have sources all over the    HQ  and the buzz  is   Penn  WEst at 20  to  25 and offer coming before   end of  January.