Every  time a stock is so  unloved by the analysts   its for two reasons. One they are pooh poohing it because they  are buying  at the lows  andwant  to fill up with  cheap shares   FIRST. Second,  its because the analysts are just plain  STUPID.  Third  is that they are both.


   My   7 favorite names in 2013  are all  names   are PD  , TCM,  ABX, K , PWT  and RIM.  Seventh is  HYD  which after a failed take over  earleir this year will be swallowed up for good in 2013.


   Now  every one of these companies is unloved by the analysts.  Go   back  and look at the comments on  RIM     or Kinross in August  or AEM  in  February.   These guys are  NOT  experts.  They     lack foresight  and  vision.  They all  pooh  poohed AEM  in February  yet its up almost  80  % since then,  ditto  for RIM  in August  or   K      ,up  20   % since then.   My    point is that they are all in cahoots together. They   universally   bash  stocks at the lows  and  pump them at the highs.

Simple  math people. Penn  West sold  7 % of production for 1.3  B.  Whats the other 93 %  worth? Any idiot cna figure out where its heading  but these  guys cant  !!!!  They are buying  while   sterring you clear and selling when  they are pumping. 


Look  up  TCM I offer that as an example   now and provide the link for it.   Look  up  PWT  now  and see what the "experts"  are saying now.  When its taken  over   next year at 20   -25,  go back  and look what allthe naysayers were saying.Look how the missed  a double  on  RIM  in four months  or 30  % on   K  or  80  %  on  AEM.