Huge purchase at the buzzer,  Canada and the   USA.   Shorts r screwed,   Egypt  will explode this w end  and  oil  goes higher.    As  I  said  this will  be 12 next week  and 14   , I   repeat  FOURTEEN      before year end!!!!!!


   Many   players are circling  Penn  West  , thats why u  saw the huge insider buys.     Among  the players  are  Exxon  Mobil,  BP  ,  and soverign  funds from  the  UAE.



Offers are    ON THE TABLE,     I   repeat   ON THE TABLE.    Thats   why   Nunns was not sacked. It would have provided  a distraction  to the high level talks   in place.  It  was  insisted upon  by the parties  negotiating that  Penn  West  REMOVE  dead wood  on the operational departments.



Nexen and  Progress are in play, both were up  huge today.   The ducks are lining  up  perfectly.  Nexen  and  Progress   bought out.  Keystone  passed,   coal  is  dead and natural  gas   is the  future fuel.      For  the offer to  stick thew premium   MUST be huge.      I  am told  an offer is in the works  for  about 22  dollars a share. This would be a slam  dunk  double  from current price  and would be awful  hard   for  Harper to turn down.