Three  months ago  RIM  was  at  6.50  and   people were throwing it into  the hearse.   look at the pop in the last week.  I   has  Han  15 calls that  I  gave up on  and they rebounded  300   %  today.     Some one put  the squeeze on  RIM  while  the   American markets were closed.  I  see  a repeat scenario on  Penn  West.


Penn  West has alot more going  for it than   RIM.    I  expect  that  once  the snow falls  and   people  think  about heating oil,   natural  gas and   Keystone   some    one will initiate a squeeze  here too.   This  stock  can move from  12.50  to  16.50   in a month  and back  down again in half the time.      Hang in the longs,  I   had given up on  RIM  and  it surprised,   I  see a repeat here.