GAZA   about  to  rip wide open.  



A few catalysts      :

   Market  needs  snap  back  before  XMAS,   cold weather continues,    and   above all   else,    Middle  East will explode thru the weekend.  All  the   catalysts  are in place for the squeeze  except  the fiscal cliff impasse.  Oil stocks hammered today  despite  oil  and  gas both being up  and   the    killing in   Gaza.  Traders are frozen  stiff.   Now is the tiem to  step in.   The escalation of the  Middle  East has  ALWAYS   been the catalyst of    oil spikes.   But   I expect   Progress  deal   to be announced in next two weeks    . All of the above  should see  massive reversal.  Hold  a diversified  basket,   XEG   is safest way to  play a rebound.