Auguries - March 16, 2013
Too Big To Whale
Kevin Michael Grace

Gold was up (at press time) $17.30 (+1.1%) for the week to $1,592.60, and silver was down $0.45 (-1.6%) to $28.51. Reuters reported March 15, “Gold hovered near $1,590 an ounce on Friday as [insert piffle about US economic “recovery” here—Editor] makes safe-haven assets like the precious metal less attractive.”

Clearly distressed by gold’s resilience, Reuters asked Li Ning of CIFCO Futures in Shanghai for an explanation. He replied, “It is a global trend that the value of paper money is diminishing, which attracts investors to gold, a hard asset.”

And now, an intermission. Commentary will resume shortly. In the interim, readers are invited to meditate upon the following quotations.

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