For your interest, here is part of the note that I received from Michelle Romero at IR.  Note the correlation with recent quotes attributed to the VP. 

Yes, it's been a rough ride - we've been trading down recently with the rest of the gold field, and on top of that for us there's been repositioning happening in the wake of the flow-though financing, which is expected to close Friday. So I expect this is short term, and we will go back to trading on the fundamentals of the Brucejack project. We are making progress on the ramp over to the Valley of the Kings, will be soon channel sampling, with the bulk sample to follow. The feasibility study is also on track for June. In short, we have good news flow to anticipate, and I expect this is short-term action in the share price. Thanks for your support.

I appreciate the helpful discussion here, sniping notwithstanding.  Bought back a few shares today. 

The timing of this latest trouncing seems to coincide with the meetings of the G7/G20.  What they say they are doing is naturally the opposite of what they are really doing, but the near term effect of herding the sheep from one side of the market to the other is doing a lot of damage to good companies and interfering with rational movement of capital.