The stock being issued under the current offering are subject to a four month hold and are not tradeable until June sometime. If one were to short this company wih stock that you paid $13.00 per share and sell it at less than the issue price I fail to see the advantage.

On the other hand if you paid $6.00 per share and need money for another project then perhaps taking this reasonable average profit of 5-6bucks per share selling down from 11.50 down to $9.50 would not be so bad.

If one sells short he has to buy at some time and I still maintain that this company is undervalued by a significant amount and alhough shorting woiuld have been a good trading move over the past few months I cannot join the market in the current negative perception.

As has been stated by others there is news coming shortly and I expect good rather than bad. The recent writedown by Kinross on their African project has probably cooled out the potential take over value for Pretium but it does not change the fact that Brucejack can be financed by Pretium without a major and once in production will have a phrnominal IRR.