I am now underwater on Pretium from an average cost point of view but see good news around the corner and am prepared to wait it out and as funds become available to buy more at these prices. i cannot undestand this market  but It is not the first time that one could buy dollar bills for less than a dollar.

I expect a progress report from the company shortly on the bulk sample project and expect this to be followed by the full feasibility study on schedule (2nd quarter of this year). If this was the rent money I would be forced to swallow hard and sell but this investment (gamble) has pretty good odds as I see it.

I too have had some difficulty getting answers to my questions when contacting IR but for the most part the answers show up in either a press release or in a presentation.

Asking the company to explain the share price are unlikely to get any answer that makes sense as the news as released continues to be positive and the sniping about open pit resources has been dealt with by management by stating that an open pit option is not on the table at this time.

i could provide a reasoned reponse as to why there is no open pit at this time but do not think that an explanation is necessary. 

If you can hang in I think that patience will be rewarded