This board has turned 100% positivee on Pretium for the long run. I hope the boosters friends and relatives join the party that is sure to come at some time-sooner rather than later I hope..

When I first saw the location planned for the bulk sample I thought it was heading for a highgrade rather than a "demonstration of model" location. I am sure there will be some high grade rounds mined in the sample and I look forward to seeing the round by round assays and the recoveries obtained when the remainder of the sample is processed at an offsite facility. If the bulk sample averages the 16 grams/ton projected average the revenue should provide a nice byproduct pile of cash (5000 ounces x 1600 =$8,000,000).

I think the next major news will be close to PDAC in March- I hope the feasibility is ready but they shoud be near the bulk sample zone at about the same time-pehaps a bit later in March but I f there is a little bit of luck -perhaps the channel samples obtained as the decline advances will provide a bit of exciting news.