Your point 1 - from what I saw of core at PDAC last year and from reading the reports, I'd be surprised if the high grade material lacked continuity. the word 'pockets' is inappropriate.  I admit though we do not know and lack information. Seabridge plan on open pits and then to take the ore through one of two tunnels 23 km long to a mill site. When the pits are exhausted, they will turn to block caving in an underground mine - I just hope it works for them. Pretium might want to rip out the high grade veins first before turning to block caving. It might be possible to put the high grade mill underground - that is if the rock stands up.

Your point 2 - rain and snow drifitng can vary greatly with locality in mountains. Wind directions and changes with seasons can be very important. Presence of a tree line at these latitudes suggests permafrost but I dont see where our consultants show they thought about this.

These 43-101 reports leave much to be desired. They have up to 12 authors listed and must cost a fortune to produce yet they lack fundamental information such as the weather, or a recommendation that this be corrected. I would find a contoured map helpful but we don't even get a copy of the government product. Who are these reports supposed to impress?