I have some difficulty with your point of view for two reasons.

First- they are developing a high grade (better than 1/2 ounce per ton resource with a minimum 16 year mine life) and are ignoring for the present the open pit potential of the 50 million ounces of lowgrade at Snowfield/ Brucejack . Note that there is zero dollars of the open pit resources reflected in the stock price of Pretium but the same type of resource is at least 50% of the value of Seabridge.  If the average resource used in the feasibility study is comfirmed the NPV will be at least double the previous $2.3 billion and a substantial portion of indicated will move to measured-not a major reclassification but noteworthy at least.  The super high grade pockets will be mined but they will be bonuses that will show up on a quarter to quarter  basis-not something to plan on.

Secondly- The climate in this area is typical for this band of mountains that ranges from Alaske to California. Underground mining has been done in this set of conditions for at least 30 years in close proximity to the Pretium site (Eskay Creek, Snip et al). If you read the earliest feasibility study done for the Newhawk, Homestake Corona proposed 400 tom operation permitted in 1993 you will see that there is lots of climate data.

I do hope that there are opportunities at PDAC to ask tough questions but from what I see it will just take one giant personality with a following in the public to send this stock to the moon.