Have just spent a few hours browsing 43-101 reports for both PVG and Seabridge. Seabridge has a 'pre-feasibility report'.  

Mining will be by open pit then underground by block caving. I hope they can raise the capital. PVG depoists have high grade cores which can likely be mined underground. The low grade can be left. No thought seems to have been given to where the mill might be.

What gives me the shudders is that the sites are known to have high snow falls The Seabridge report suggests 572-1898 cm of snow and 90 - 129.5 cms rain each  year. There is no mention of any measurements made on site. What are these people doing?  The reports do not even have contour maps of the sites. They should have had unmanned weather stations here for years by now. This is the country where 40 years ago the Leduc site lost 26 people in a snow 'event'. You wont find me at the bottom of an open pit under a 200 m high wall after a snow storm no matter what Wardrop's people think.

The ore grades are too high to walk away from here (that's why I bought shares) but we need to see the situation addressed comprehensively. Thought needs t be given to the practicalities of mining rather than yards of turgid prose about the geology - interesting though it might be.