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Petaquilla Minerals Ltd T.PTQ

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s): PTQMF

Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. explores for gold in Panama. The Company operates the Molejon gold mine in Panama and owns exploration and development stage projects in Spain and Portugal.
Price: $0.21 | Change: $0.00 | % Change: 0.00%
Volume: 115,904 | Day High/Low: 0.22/0.21 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.51/0.185

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4.5 stars

RE:RE:RE:Price looks good

Most of the "old fools" have already left for greener pastures,and the reason the pastures are greener is because they are generally  well fertilized with bullsht  rate and reply
1.5 stars

RE:RE:Price looks good

goldpet wrote: Go read the Old Fool over on IHUB. He's touting managements NEW plan and how all is going to be well going forward. How the deal was done back in Feb. and everybody knows how good it...read more
5 stars

RE:Price looks good

20 cents might look very very good if the stock drops to a dime-or lower.With  the situation as it is,I'm not sure what's holding it up as high as it is.....Once we actually get details of this much...read more
5 stars

RE:Price looks good

Go read the Old Fool over on IHUB. He's touting managements NEW plan and how all is going to be well going forward. How the deal was done back in Feb. and everybody knows how good it was for PTQ even...read more
5 stars

Price looks good

20 cents looks like an attractive price to sell, given the chances of a turnaround that are going down with each passing day. For the diehards and flag-wavers, I am also trying to do you a favour, by...read more
0 stars

From FQs MD&A

These are probably not related to PTQ as PTQs contract was not terminated in 2013.  Guess someone is pi**ed about getting canceled. First Quantum:  Other commitments & contingencies   Due to the...read more
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RE:How Does This Help Us?

Why do you think they had to buy PDI?  PTQ didn't pay their workers for a number of months, so they most likely just defected to FQ for a paycheck they knew they would receive. Don't you remember all...read more
0 stars

How Does This Help Us?

Only way this helps us is if FQ bought PDI from us and transferred the workforce.  That seems to be what MJK over on IHUB is implying.  Hope he's right and Jaywalker is wrong.  Don't think Jaywalker...read more
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RE:RE:I am so so happy

Absolutely- I learned MY lesson on a company that was playing the same games,cost me $1/4 million. You learn to recognize the signs,always promising,never delivering-and always raising more equity...read more
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RE:I am so so happy

5 stars for your honesty. Good luck on your next investment, and in applying the lessons from this one.  rate and reply
5 stars

I am so so happy

That I dumped my shares at the advice of the bashers on here back when it was trading at 29.5c THANK YOU.  rate and reply
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RE:I'm wondering if there's even an FQ deal

I have no doubt there will be a deal with FQ-when it suits FQ-NOT PTQ....Think about it-its to FQ's advantage to drag this out as long as possable-until PTQ s money runs out,and then they can get what...read more
0 stars

I'm wondering if there's even an FQ deal

that's going to get done now. This just continues to sell off day after day on pretty good volume on the TSX.. Something is very wrong and of course no news is given, so we just wait Rome burns.  rate and reply
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RE:Schedule D

My guess would be he's filing a U.S. tax return too, but I could really care less. I don't believe anything he posts.  rate and reply
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Schedule D

Goldpet, Paul wants to know why would a guy in Panama use a Schedule D?  rate and reply
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The action in this stock price is not portending a good outcome. It just continues to accelerate to the bottom. I wonder what's going to happen when the news actually does come out?  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:DB Payoff

I think the bigger problem for these people getting a loan is where the POG is currently. If gold were back up at $1800 then they might get some money from somewhere, but the junior mine speculators...read more
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RE:RE:DB Payoff

Goldpet, I guess the payoff of DB allows PTQ to go after another loan like the Red Kite deal.  I know you're going to say no chance of that and I agree with you.  Nobody would loan us money now...read more
0 stars

Where It Should Be

Not much buying going on.  Not much selling.  The SP is where it should be.  Maybe insiders aren't buying but insiders talk to a lot of people.  Both FQ, DB, and PTQ management know what the deal is. ...read more
0 stars

RE:DB Payoff

So, if they pay off $40M to DB to get them off their backs, what then?  The balance of what's left won't last very long by itself, in fact a big portion of it may already be spent. They had better...read more