Worth half of Ivanplats?

If they finds the T&F reefs 30 km away I believe PTM is worth more than Ivanplats but the share price will likely just jump to 1/2 of Ivanplats immediately because they haven't drilled up the resource yet. And IVP has about the same number of shares out so their MArket cap is only 1.7 Bil approx. I believe the comment about 2.4 bil was regarding what they would be worth based on the price Jogmec and Itochu paid for their 10% share.

I also see Ivanplats has a book value of $0.61 VS PTM $1.05. of course this just reflects the cash we have I believe.

This is a homerun in the making. If you have spare cash you won;t find a better place to invest. 12 months from now you might not be able to say that anymore.With WBJV and Waterberg they could be mining 1mil oz per year.