The boys should be back at the mine Monday now that PDAC is done.

There are some high impact news releases due.

They should have finsihed drilling the east extension at Waterberg. Some news would be nice but we will have to wait a while for assays to find out whether we ar eclose to 20 mil oz with thsi extensioin.

We will hear soon that they can start drilling the north 30 - 40 km extension which PTM owns 87% of. This will be the holy grail of news releases. I'm sure they will send some drills to the far end  of the prospect to see if they can hit/find the subcrop. All they need to do, as they did with the east extension, is announce that they hit what they interpret to be the F or T layers 30 km from where they are now. The wild guesstimates will fly then...100mil oz or more potential. We will then have realistic comparisons to Ivanplats 75 - 100 mil oz resource.

It will not take much imagination  to realize a share price of $10. I would expect the share price to gap up at least 100% on the news. We are talking 30 km by 1 km open pit potential with 100 years of underground after. it boggles the mind.