Kherson, blow over or blow up. Take your pick. These are just semantics. The fact that PSN have let the stock go to hell, without even a comment  (I know there're lawsuits in the works) tells me that we got a very sick puppy on our hands and I think the puppy is dying. I've been following your comments from way back and seen them evolve from utmost optimism to downright despair, while still hoping you will recover 75%. The whole story of PSN was a real good one, but had a very short life. It is clear to me and everybody else that PSN has insulated itself for a time, with positive NRs and possibly doctored quarterly results, while hoping things would get better, kicking down the road the inevitable. If this wasn't originally a scam then it certainly became one. You criticized me for calling their product - Swimming Pools. Unfortunately and with all due respect, that's what they are - glorified above ground swimming pools, which are being banged out by the likes of SDY.T, etc. No great technology there, just a good idea that became unprotectable. I wish you good luck and yes,I do recommend you restrict your comments as you're really not helping anybody with your comments. This is very obvious from many of the comments I have read.