Strelioff,   So Belcher is or was a VP of Finance at Poseidon? Or has he just recetly exited the company "dave Belcher has left the buidling"? If he recently left,  are you happy about his departure? What does this signal to you? Does this give you a clue as to whether you think there is a corporate raider involved at PSN? Does Belcher's departure cause you to increase or decrease your probability of 25% bankruptcy chance for PSN?

Any ideas as to who will be named to the Board of Directors at this point?

Also, can you go back to posts on 1/26/13 and check my post to you.  I asked a few questions and I don't think you saw that post. The post was just after 6pm.  I may have posted early that day but the post that I want to to read was posted by me just after 6pm.