It's nice to here that no lawsuit has been filed. (I'am assuming that Firesole3 has checked this out for himself). I believe that even a filed suit is unfounded at best. The idea of a countersuit, even better.

It's also nice to see that shareholders have stopped firesaling stock as the low was up 3 cents over the last 3 days of trading. Volume and selling pressure are greatly reduced.

With year end at hand, I don't expect to here from the Special Commitee until GAM in May.

Again, the old management may be a victim of circumstances and overconfidence. I see some good talent on the board (now) and we as shareholders should give them a reasonable amount of time (at least 90 days) to investigate, review the best options, and develop an solid plan forward.  No can or should expect a great plan in 30 days. Remember any more bad news just gives shorters fuel for the fire. If management takes the time to create a solid plan of action, we as shareholders can expect a good solid recovery over the next 12 months. Market forgiveness will take that long at least. Look at RIMM.

Do you really think that the financer's of the line can be negoiated with in 30 days. 100 million?