Strelioff, you mentioned a post on the date your Man covered his short, 12/28/12 I believe, which gave information on who bought the 100,000 shares that Wiebe was sold out of on presumably a margin call. You had felt that it would indicate who the corporate raider was as there was an indication in that post of who bought the 100,000 shares and your thought was that it was the corporate raider, possibly Ned Goodman or someone connected to him, or Dundee which Goodman controls. I went back and looked briefly at the numerous posts on 12/28/12 and could not find that post. Are you sure it was that date? Do you recall the Subject of that post thread? Does anyone else here recall that post and the date on which it was posted or who the poster was? I think it would be interesting and potentially helpful to have a look at that and re post it for public consumption and debate.

Next, you indicated in your post that you will be interested to see in the Q4 earnings release if new members of the BOD will be publicly announced, as this will have a bearing on whether PSN survives or goes BK.

What wording or lack of wording will you be looking for in the Q4 earnings release which would indicate to you that PSN will NOT survive, and would thus file BK?

If PSN survives, what do you think a reasonable level of EPS--earnings per share-- NOT EBITDA, will be for PSN on a go forward basis after the write offs are done and the market can focus just on putting a PE multiple on sustainable and growing EPS?

And what PE multiple do you think PSN would sell at when survival is no longer in question and PSN shows a sustainable level of EPS?

On another subject, you mentioned also that you taught a class. I'm wondering what subject you teach and at what level? I suspect that teaching is a kindness you do, as I don't think you do it as a necessity to earn a living.

Since we have discussed probability in previous posts, and as it is the weekend now, I thought it might be fun to see what probability percentage of occuring you ascribe to the following:

"Wrong Way" Kherson, after reading these many posts, reveals he has taken on a substantial short position in PSN, attempting to drive the share price into oblivion and beyond. He then miraculously covers his short within a whisker of the Q4 news induced 52 week panic low in the share price, and spins180 degrees on the spot and parlays his short winnings on the long side successfully, as in the coming months PSN establishes itself as a survivor and thriver, thus allowing Kherson to recoup all of his, his mother's, his grandmother's, and the nice lady who lives across the street's investment losses--not to mention establishing a tidy fortune for himself. Renewed and invigorated by his newfound wealth, Kherson, not being a man prone to forgetfulness, propels himself toward his new career path, culminating in an appointment as the new national Canadian Securities Regulator, hell bent on cleaning up the odiferous stench which permeates Bay Street. And after successfully ridding Canada of all securities related wrongdoers and rats alike, and riding an outpouring of public appreciation, our Kherson surges in national popularity to such an extent that he is unanimously elected in a landslide victory the next Prime Minister of Canada?

Wishing you a Happy Saturday! ;oD