I was burned on CNQ believing large cap can maintain sp. back then i didnt know technical analysis. then i was going all in on defensive drip all that cliche. and now reits going absolutely nowhere.

I was looking at PBN for the longest time since I saw that jump from 6 dollar to 18 dollar. already swung a couple of times and made money. THEN... i saw PSN

I bought PSN as fire sale at 1.31 would like to see cyclical long on top for a change instead of getting punished by Mistress Short all the time.


PS. most oil companies are crooks if you talk to any contractors/field guy they'll tell you how oil company squander money like no tomorrow. i saw it with my own eyes at suncor and nexen. if they had better corporate culture, eps should be way higher and payout ratio should be excellent even in this economic times.