PSN needs to do a major face lift before it becomes a reputable firm....all is lost now.  Tis is just going to be a day trader's special.  And when the volume dries up, tis will come tumbling down once again as it will never be able to move back to $16 let alone $1.60 : (


Dudes, you're stuck with this one.  The walls came out @ $1.37  then $1.35 and I believed I saw another one @ $1.32.  Anyways, my point here is that the fund managers are touching this one at all; hence, those walls are going to be there for awhile :(

Take a good look @ my's going to be one to watch for 2013.  (And watch for my v.DCY as Jan 2013 is the start of good things there for them...NGD's very much in the mix there :)