I am new to SH and wanted to say that I bought 3000 shares of the stock today at $1.32 right at the start this morning. I was very worried that it was going to go a lot lot lower and even was about to sell at $1.14. Had my finger on the button, but for some reason I decided to wait a bit and then I see the stock turned right around. Closed very strongly.

In my limited expereince with this type of situation I do think the bottom has been reached. Year end selling for tax losses are now over, based on the 3day settlement rule. The bad news is all out and I think by end of next week the stock will be at $3-$4 or more. They still got all the assets and a great system. Receiveables can't be all the bad as they would have worked for many many different companies and spread out their risk. Maybe they have a few dead beat companies to collect from, however the oil industry has been very very good for a number of years with high prices for oil. My point is that more than likely the vast majority of their clients are solid, so their AR is fairly safe.

Even with the debt, it can probably be refinanced quite easliy due to the fact the company has such a great business plan and track record..

So I am thinking we will see much higher prices soon.