i am not going to type in the obvious that everybody already knows, if you want to delude yourselves, go ahead make my day, i have no horse in this race, so my vision might just be a bit clearer than those that do have to many horses in this race, so that is all, not going to entertain you any further, bye................


Ok here is the big difference---ITS NOT $15 A SHARE ANYMORE. Its $3.40, a big difference.Yes there are problems no doubt but thats why its cheap.There are many stocks trading at a couple of bucks with nothing but a few drill holes, or a concept in its infantile stage. This may or may not pan out, everyone here knows that.But some of us feel that at this price that the upside may be worth the downside risk.

To sit their and reinterate the reasons for its drop is just stating what is already known, hence the huge drop.Also the previous post mentioning RY,Riocan etc was not a bad post at all. I dont think he was comparing PSN to RY but rather illustrating a point that all stocks can get gutted but it doesnt mean they cant comeback.