weak hands right, dip buyers catching falling knife.  so far after initial selloff and bounce, it would seem it bounces a bit on open then selloff then does another soso bounce lower than open bounce and head lower then it either bounces a bit or closes near intraday lows only to do the same thing next day.  now news out next one can speculate.  it can be good news or bad news.  on the good, they figured out that their accounting is good and that it was just a bad quarter, the dividend will not get cut, they've landed other contracts or even maybe a buyout.  on the bad, accounting was not good, dividend gets cut, financial outlook not as great as what was thought for more than a quarter, no buyer since others in space are doing just as bad or in some cases according to bnn, tanks given away for free.....so which is it??  how long are you will to wait or just move on or maybe try best to trade the swings as we head into tax loss selling and into a possible santa rally and into q4 reporting in jan or feb 2013.  can they prove it was just a 1 q hiccup or not??  can they prve divvy can be sustained and not cut, if cut by how musch and when can they expect it to go back up????