Saw ONR dump on the spin out and took a bad position. and then averaged down a few times and got out with a small loss through flipping and Hedged through HNU.  I learned my lesson for sure.  This is a buy, but not going to until this settles.  Probably should be higher IMHO, but markets aren't liking it and talk of dividend cut, which of course is speculation, makes it worse.  The dividened if unchanged makes this a screaming buy right now, but I'll just sit and wait.  If this dumps below $3.00, then I will buy for sure regardless of dividend discussion, otherwise I sit and watch.  I've been burnt too many times and got out with my collar left on way too many things, that a big dump like this just isn't going to get me into something.  Wait and see of course.  Long term, I don't think many have anything really to worry about.