OK....Here Goes!.....I have been in this game of stocks for over 30 years and have seen a LOT!!!.....I am a bit crazy and simple when it comes to stocks and other things.....SO just take this view as something to consider and use your own judgement for decision making.

OK....first of all....any stock that is going down is doing so for a reason....and its usually not good!....In the case of PSN....it could be manipulation or simple CAPITULATION frenzy.....Recently the stock has made 2 new lows and the company has not released any news to adrress it....either they know that this is all over-reaction or they are trying to figure out how to best address it.....The added scenario is that this stock is/was a good yielder and recommended by various for that reason.....NOBODY knows what is truly going on right NOW!

My guess is that under the current circumstances.....The company will release something soon that may affect the yield and solidify the future business (If they drop the dividend by one third to save some money and show concern and then agessively did some company-buy back of shares to show strenghth and also addressed the BUSINESS potential going forward).....it might help alot!

I see PSN right now as an over-sold.....great yield...Stock.....That has a solid Business going forward!

Thats my simple view for what its worth!