Since I am signed on still and have yet to finish my wine, just to answer prior posts on current level of indebtedness. As at Dec 31 2011 they owed ONR $46MM and had bank borrowing of $18MM. Total  $74MM. They paid back ONR  and the Bank borrowing with latter being replaced by a $100MM revolving credit. In addition, have committed nearly $20MM to PP&E in this period. That does not speak to paying dividends from borrowings EXCEPT Q3 adj cash flow was $5MM less than the approx $21MM div payout hence we can look for a DRIP and a reduced div amount per month. Don't forget the div amoiunt was estimated before PSN separated and clearly it was not sustainable. It is now a question of what is is as simple as that BUT mgmt and the Board need to make things clear NOW..although they are probably waiting to get the DRIP authorised before speaking AMHO>